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SmartCity Expo Worldwide Congress Barcelona 18th to 20th of November 2014 Save 660€ registration fee!

Vortal co-sponsor, in association with Microsoft, the SmartCity Expo Worldwide Congress, the world leading Congress in smart solutions.
To register, click here – you will be able to enter free of charge, saving the 660€ registration fee.

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VORTAL in 3 minutes

VORTAL | The largest European eSourcing and eCommerce platform
Almería University

One of the main advantages of VORTAL electronic tendering is the added value in terms of competition, promoting access to a larger number of suppliers, resulting in a greater number of bids, thus increasing the potential for better proposals in terms of quality and price".

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ANA Airports

"The training was also crucial. In this context an effort was made to approximate the dates of training with the date of availability of the platform VORTALgov, which influenced positively the users and significantly reduced the natural resistance to change".

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