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Innovation applied to public and private sourcing

Specialists in electronic sourcing 

VORTAL is one of the largest eSourcing and eCommerce providers worldwide, providing a SAAS platform that allows buying organizations to purchase goods and services cheaper and more efficiently and gives suppliers access to a greater number of sales and revenue opportunities.

Our mission is to help customers buy and sell better to achieve high levels of performance. Through its platforms, Vortal enables linkage of a great many companies that are buying and selling, thus forming a community where they can do business with one another more simply and quickly. Vortal platforms are an alternative system to the classic contracting model (via paper, telephone, fax), consolidating communications between buyers and suppliers along electronic pathways, simplifying and speeding up the whole procurement process. 


Recognized by international analysts

Gartner, the most recognised information technology research firm, recently released the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Suites 2013 Benchmark Report, which examines the products of 29 suppliers of electronic purchasing solutions in great detail.

In this functional benchmark, the Vortal platform takes first place in the overall ranking and in 7 of the 26 indicators, namely: Basic eSourcing, Public Sector Sourcing, Engineered Product Sourcing, Construction Sourcing, Contract Management Analytics and Supplier Directory.

This excellent result puts Vortal ahead of the remaining 29 competitors, having for the first time out-paced the solutions of other leading companies such as SAP, Ariba, IBM and Bravo. 

Moreover, these numerical data and rankings support another Gartner report, Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites, which places Vortal in the Visionaries Group. Gartner’s evaluation of Vortal in the report includes the following mentions:


- In the Top 5 in e-sourcing and technology platform

- In the Top 3 for public sector sourcing, engineered product sourcing, supplier directory

- Complete S2S suite

- Strong construction sourcing functionality, including support from proposal creation through award implementation

- e-Sourcing: strong support

- Technology Platform: exceptional

- Ease of Use: good

- Business Services: many